Office of Academic Affairs

Please, contact the Office of Academic Affairs if you have questions about MCU's academic programs, requirements, or policies; student advising or a student's academic standing; or MCU's faculty.

Dr. Yun Chung, Ed.D.

  • Dean of Academic Affairs
  • 교무처 > Phone: 562-331-4545
  • Email:

Rev. Peter Hoon Maeng, M.Div.

  • Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs
  • (대외 및 교무담당) / (입학문의 및 상담)
  • 교무처 > Phone: 562-331-4545
  • Email:


  • MCU Main Campus
    11655 Lakewood Blvd. Downey, CA, 90241
  • MCU Sanctuary
    8502 Alameda St. Downey, CA, 90242